Blue Sphere Studios

Blue Sphere Studios is the online portfolio of web designer and developer, Tim Malabuyo, coding night and day out of sunny Scotts Valley, California London.



Marketing websites

As part of Google's Brand Studio and Google for Work, I have worked on many different marketing websites and initiatives across the company and many different products.

Design Development Responsive Agency

  • I worked as part of a three-person developer team which built a beautiful Maps Streetview Treks site to showcase the famous Petra in Jordan.

  • I was the developer who launched Google Inbox in 2014 and maintained until 2015.

  • Rebranding Google Enterprise to Google for Work was a huge effort I am proud to be a part of.

  • Google's Android campaign "Be Together Not the Same" for the UK.


Corporate Website

From 2006 - 2013 I was part of FileMaker's web team, involved in the front-end development of the corporate website, an integral part of the multiple product launches every year.

Development Design Responsive

  • I was a valuable part of the Web Marketing team at FileMaker, Inc.

  • I was responsible for the interactive design on the FileMaker website, ranging from simple tab-switching to video overlays with custom tracking.

  • Bento is just one of the important product launches every year for FileMaker.

  • The Bento Template Exchange was FileMaker's first website to be developed with mobile in mind, featuring a responsive design made to act and feel like a native mobile app.


Consumer Website

As part of the Web User Interface team, I helped launch a major redesign of the consumer website that featured their first CSS-based, "tableless" design in 2005 and another site redesign in 2006.

Development Design Photography

  • McAfee corporate website redesign, 2006. After a major redesign effort the previous year, we redesigned again for the next year's product launch.

  • McAfee consumer website redesign, 2006. The consumer site was redesigned for simplicity and focused on clarifying the differences between the products.

  • McAfee corporate website homepage, 2005. The redesign in 2005 focused on getting rid of a table-based layout and modernizing with a CSS-based, web-standards compliant site.

  • McAfee consumer website redesign, 2005. The consumer-facing website also received a CSS-based layout overhaul.


Non-profit Organization

After years as a web developer for Cityteam, I returned to work with old colleagues to help redesign their site, bringing the site out of a tabled layout into a more modern design.

Development Design Photography

  • An International page of the Cityteam redesign in 2012.

  • The 2012 redesign home page

  • In 2010, I worked with Cityteam to bring the website out of a table-based layout into a CSS-based site.


Family Website

What started as our wedding website became our online family photo album, as well as another outlet to express creative design ideas.

Development Design Responsive Wordpress

  • version 10's new, magazine-style homepage that features large photos.

  • The general, two-column content page layout.

  • TimChes features thousands of pictures that chronicle our life together since 2002.


I'm a web professional with 14 years of experience building websites.

In those years I have seen the web change and evolve, and I am proud to have been part of the early movement of web designers who championed web standards. During this time, I was heavily influenced by Dave Shea's Zen Garden experiment as well as Dan Cederholm's Simplebits website, as well as his book, Designing with Web Standards. I got hooked on the possibilities with CSS and was lucky enough to have been part of the exciting transition from table layouts to css-based design with two different organizations.

I currently specialize in front-end development as part of Google's Brand Studio EMEA, based in London. In my time with Brand Studio, I have been part of launches in Google for Work, Gmail, Calendar, and the global Google Inbox launch.